The Mobile Concrete Mixer is a combination materials transporter and mobile concrete mixing plant, mounted on a transport vehicle, usually a truck or trailer, which carries sufficient unmixed material, sand, cement, coarse aggregates, water (and any other chemicals that may be used for special mix designs) to the job to produce fresh concrete, mixed to design specifications.

Sand and stone are accurately proportioned by adjusting gates to the correct height. The settings are based on actual calibration of the gate settings done with the specific aggregates being used.
The three basic dry ingredients (sand, stone, and cement powder) simultaneously drop off the main conveyor into the charging end of the mixer at the rear of the unit. At this point, a predetermined metered flow of water also enters the mixer. Action of the combined auger and paddle mixer rapidly, thoroughly, and continuously mixes the ingredients and water to produce a continuous discharge of uniform quality concrete.

The materials blending action is continuous, and may proceed until the ingredient bins are empty. On the other hand, mixing and delivery may be stopped at any time and then started again at the will of the operator. This permits production to be balanced to the demands of the placing and finishing crews and other job requirements.

Pittsburgh Mobile Concrete is state certified and listed on bulletin 42.

DBE/WBE Certified.

Pittsburgh Mobile Concrete, Inc. is a proud member of the American Concrete Institute and Master Builders.

About Us

Rapidly gaining acceptance due to its environmental benefits

Pittsburgh Mobile Concrete, Inc. is proud to offer a viable service solution in combating storm water management. In addition to storm water control, pervious concrete pavements are also safer for drivers and pedestrians and homeowners. No run off storm water or snowmelt.

Pittsburgh Mobile Concrete produces a porous concrete which is a mixture of Portland cement, coarse aggregate, water and admixture. Recognized by the EPA for its environmental benefits. Pervious concrete allows for rapid infiltration of water and overlays a stone aggregate reservoir. This reservoir provides temporary storage as runoff infiltrates into underlying permeable soils out through a drain system.

Typical Uses:
• Parking Lots
• Street, Road Shoulder
• Edge Drains
• Driveways and Sidewalks
• Swimming Pool Decks
• Golf Cart Paths
• Greenhouse Floors
• Zoo Areas/Animal Barns
• Patios
• Tennis Courts

Pervious/Porous Concrete Pavements

Volumetric (Mobile) Concrete Mixers

We are proud of our company and employees' commitment to the Pittsburgh community to provide the best possible concrete services at a competitive price. The growth of our company can be attributed to the knowledge, skills, and commitment to providing excellent customer service. Our employees are part of a team and family that values the individual strengths that each member contributes. Since 2004, we have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this company so that our dream became reality. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the concrete industry. 

Pittsburgh Mobile Concrete is state certified and listed on bulletin 42. DBE/WBE Certified.

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